Music is at the center of life – and DJs from all over the world help deliver the sound to the masses. Hello, I’m Donovan and I am also a DJ. I love all things music, and in fact I can’t think of a type of music I don’t like. Some I love more than others – hey what would you expect, but music, in its very core is what gets me up in the morning (or afternoon).

I have been a DJ for nearly 25 years. I’ve played big venues and small weddings with everything in-between. I started out when I was twenty-two years old and have never regretted my career choice. I’ve met some of the greats in the music industry and had the opportunity to rub shoulders with musicians and artists well before the world knew them for who they are.

I have a beautiful wife and twelve-year old son. We all find time to appreciate the finer things in life through the many avenues of music. A family vacation may center around the Newport News Jazz Festival or a final tour of The Who. Sherry, my wife and I have made it a point to expose our son, Pete to all forms of music. We want to give him a well-rounded perspective. At the present, he is into radio artists like The Ting Tings, DJ Ironik and Black Kids, but it’s anyone’s guess who he’ll be listening to next week.

We all three play an instrument, but admittedly my guitar work is mostly for a few forgiving friends’ ears. While Sherry can sit down to a piano and have the room mesmerized within minutes, Pete is finding his way between the two. I think he already outplays me.

So thanks for your readership. I always welcome feedback and comments below my blog posts. Tell me your story as I tell you mine, and let’s spin a few disks together.