DJ Fans and Financial Recognition


Have you given a shout out for your favorite DJ? The annual DJ awards programs usually take place in the Fall, and they look forward to hearing from the fans. So make your voices heard. The financial recognition, which can be huge, is actually becoming secondary to fan recognition. Ego has never played much of a secondary role, but now it is taking over first slot, – as well it should.

Awards season is the one time of the year when fussing and being fussed over is completely expected. Naturally, they have the best food service Niagara has to offer, accommodating the pre-award formalities. And like the Oscars and the Emmy ceremonies there are after parties that would rock your world. After all, they have a distinguishing audience.

Often DJs make the difference in a musical artist’s success. They can give a record more play time, whether it’s requested or not. They are the influencers who, yes play to their audience, but also know how to set-up a new and impending artist for success. If they personally like a tune, or owe a favor, or hear something special and unique, it’s their pleasure to sound it out more frequently – and they will.

DJs love the awards and recognition, but the money ain’t bad either. I’m talking millions in annual individual income. If you know how to mix personality and technology, have a good ear and discerning musical pallet, along with knowing your audience, you too can become a millionaire DJ.

Multi-Millionaire DJs

Armin Van Buurin makes $50 million a year, but there are others who make nearly twice that. Nonetheless, Van Buurin has a loyal following and has a huge audience who listen to his weekly show, A State of Trance. He landed a gig playing for the coronation of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands – that didn’t hurt his reputation none.

Avicii at the young age of 23 is one of the wealthiest DJs in the world. His yearly take is about $60 million. Swedish, and self-taught he learned his skills by pirating software then he tinkered with it at home. A native technocrat, he uses his computer like some of us use our arms and legs.

Calvin Harris is hotter than most of the pop stars he represents. At $70 million a year he dabbles in songwriting and producing for performing artists. His nightly DJ fee is over $200,000 and he plays about 100 gigs a year.

Tijs Michiel Verses better known by his stage name, Tiesto is a 47 years old spin master, and considered an old timer in the field. From the Netherlands, this Dutch DJ has a net worth of $130 million. He has broadened his horizons with record producing and is one of the original founders of Black Hole Recordings.

So if you are still wondering what you want to be when you grow up consider a career as a DJ. Of course, you have to be exceptional since these are just 3 of the Greats in the booth. These guys all do what they love, get off on the music and the crowds and have the life that every single guy could wish for.